Collection: DTF Tranfers

Welcome to our premium Direct to Film (DTF) Transfer collection, where we offer a diverse range of sizes to meet your unique printing needs. Each transfer is meticulously crafted and priced at $4.00 per square foot. Additionally, a 5% Packaging Fee is applied to each order, ensuring your product is delivered with the utmost care and quality.

Transfer Sizes and Total Prices:

  • 22x24 inches (3.67 sq ft): Total price $15.41.
  • 22x48 inches (7.33 sq ft): Total price $30.80.
  • 22x72 inches (11 sq ft): Total price $46.20.
  • 22x120 inches (18.33 sq ft): Total price $77.00.
  • 22x240 inches (36.67 sq ft): Total price $154.00.

Choosing Between Gangsheets and Individual DTF Sheets:

  • Gangsheets: Ideal for orders involving multiple designs, gangsheets allow you to print several smaller designs together on a single large sheet. This is a cost-effective choice for those requiring variety and efficiency in their prints.
  • Individual Sheets of DTF Film: Best suited for larger, single designs, these sheets focus on delivering high-quality prints with intricate detail. Each sheet is dedicated to one design, ensuring clarity and precision.

Our collection is designed to cater to a wide range of printing requirements, whether you're looking for the economical flexibility of gangsheets or the focused quality of individual DTF sheets.

Explore our Direct to Film Transfers today and find the perfect match for your next printing project!