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DTF Alignment Ruler Kit

DTF Alignment Ruler Kit

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DTF Alignment Ruler Kit ensures consistent, professional-quality results. This kit includes 8 durable PVC rulers with clear measurements for easy alignment with the garment collar. The package contains:

  • 1 X Adult Front Alignment Ruler
  • 1 X Adult Back Alignment Ruler
  • 1 X Youth Front Alignment Ruler
  • 1 X Youth Back Alignment Ruler
  • 1 X Toddler Front Alignment Ruler
  • 1 X Toddler Back Alignment Ruler
  • 1 X V-Neck Front Alignment Ruler
  • 1 X  V-Neck Back Alignment Ruler

Specs & Features:

  • 8 High-Quality Rulers: A versatile kit catering to various garment sizes.
  • Durable PVC Material: Long-lasting build for reliable performance.
  • Clear Measurements: Easy-to-read markings for precise alignment.
  • Convenient Design: Markings for both Crews and V-Necks, enabling effortless positioning of designs.
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