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Standard DTF Startup Essentials Kit

Standard DTF Startup Essentials Kit

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Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit with the Standard DTF Startup Essentials Kit. From ideation to realization, this kit equips you with all the necessities to kickstart your business journey. 

DTF Transfers Essential startup kit details


  • Superior DTF Prints & Film: Make a statement with shirts that resonate, complemented by 100 square feet of DTF film. Select from our rich stock library or provide us with your exclusive design.
  • Customizable T-Shirts (100% cotton):
    • Small: 10 shirts
    • Medium: 15 shirts
    • Large: 25 shirts
    • XL: 25 shirts
    • XXL: 15 shirts
    • XXXL: 10 shirts
  • Reliable Heat Press: Achieve perfection with our 15x15 inch press.
  • Focused ROI: A kit designed with swift returns on your investment in mind.
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