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Quick Cool Peel Air Transfer Blower (USB Rechargeable)

Quick Cool Peel Air Transfer Blower (USB Rechargeable)

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Accelerate your production!

Utilizing our Transfer Cool Air Blower can halve your pre-peel cool down time. With a robust 51000 RPM and 3-speed modes, this transfer blower offers remarkable power. The 7800 mAh battery ensures 40-50 minutes of uninterrupted use. Our transfer blower suits projects of any scale.

Product Details:
The package includes the essentials:
- 1 x Cool Down Transfer Blower
- 1 x USB Adapter for convenient charging
- 4 x Blower Attachments for targeted cooling
- 1 x Brush Attachments for precise cleaning
- 3 x Cleaning Brushes for easy maintenance

Specs & Features:
Unmatched Cool Down Efficiency: Reduce your pre-peel cool down time by an incredible 50%. Our Transfer Cool Air Blower expedites cooling, enabling seamless production without compromising quality.
Impressive Power and Speed: With an impressive 51000 RPM and three-speed modes, this transfer blower guarantees rapid cooling and precise outcomes every time.
Extended Battery Life: Benefit from 40-50 minutes of uninterrupted use on a single charge, courtesy of the high-capacity 7800 mAh battery. No more disruptions during crucial projects.
Versatile for All Project Sizes: Our transfer blower caters to projects of all sizes, from small crafts to large-scale production, ensuring consistent performance regardless of project complexity.

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