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Exclusive DTF Startup Essentials Kit

Exclusive DTF Startup Essentials Kit

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Elevate your business journey with the Exclusive DTF Startup Essentials Kit. Tailored for commitment, our 1-year agreement package not only offers premium tools but also in-depth training on DTF transfer application. Dive deep into the world of design and profitability.


  • Superior DTF Prints & Film: Craft shirts that captivate with our unparalleled DTF prints on 100 square feet of DTF film. Choose images from our extensive stock library or forward us your unique design.
  • Customizable T-Shirts (100% cotton):
    • Small: 10 shirts
    • Medium: 15 shirts
    • Large: 25 shirts
    • XL: 25 shirts
    • XXL: 15 shirts
    • XXXL: 10 shirts
  • Pro-Grade Heat Press: Deliver consistency with our 15x15 inch press.
  • Exclusive Training: Dive deep into the art and science of DTF transfer application.
  • Strategic Marketing Insights: Navigate the evolving landscape, from TikTok's pulse to grassroots initiatives.


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